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FITSCORP USA staff are all active and former law enforcement personnel and attorneys.  They are documented experts in the fields of the following tasks:

· Surveillance

· Investigations

· Electronics and computer forensics

· Detection of explosives and  surveillance devices

· Drug detections

· Fraud investigations—insurance, financial and corporate

· Polygraphist—single and group testing at location

CEO/President Robert Young has over 40 years of law enforcement experience.  A former Nassau County Police Department Detective for over 35 years, he oversaw and coordinated all precinct criminal investigations in conjunction with specialized units in the Department. 

Mr. Young’s professional law enforcement experience included investigations of robbery, vice, burglary, narcotics, forgery, and auto theft.  Furthermore, he worked with the Fugitive, Homicide, and Special Investigation Squads.

Mr. Young is also a former Marine who provided diplomatic security for the U.S. State Department ‘s Foreign Service.  In that capacity, he provided security to dignitaries and embassy staff, including ambassadors.

He holds a BA in Criminal Justice Management and Communications from Adelphi University.

The falcon, FITSCORP’s namesake, arises from Mr. Young’s lifetime passion of falconry.  A state and federally certified Master Falconer, he has practiced falconry for over 20 years.  He has employed these skills to assist the FAA and Port Authority with airport security by aiding in wildlife control to secure airlines, their staff, and passengers.  He also participates in several outreach and charitable events to educate the public in falconry and birds of prey.


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